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Lawless Latvia provides information about Latvian crimes that are ignored by the corrupt media and authorities.  Latvia is the offshore banking center for the former Soviet Union, to the detriment of everyone in the world including Latvians and excluding only a few Oligarchs.  The EBRD, EU, IMF, and World Bank are making the problem worse by funding the Oligarchs, fraudulently in the case of the EBRD. Please like or friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Some of the information on Lawless Latvia was on dissident website Kargins.com, however the Oligarch-controlled government forced that website offline.

The most outrageous financial crime currently featured on Lawless Latvia was perpetrated by the EBRD and Latvian Finance Ministry.  They conducted a fake sale of Parex Bank stock for the apparent purpose of falsifying the finances of Latvia and defrauding the EU, IMF, and World Bank.

Other crimes include the fact that Alstom and Daimler corporations both paid huge fines to foreign governments for bribery in Latvia, however the people in Latvia who received the bribes are not being prosecuted.  The Latvian media ignores the issue and therefore taxpayers don’t know that Parex Bank was the intermediary for both deals.

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