Oleg Boiko website! Tons of info.

Somebody put up a website with tons of info on Russian Oligarch Oleg Boiko.  We didn’t know all of this, for example that Boiko represented the Kremlin trying to engineer a Communist takeover in Moldova in 2013.

Boiko is well known in Latvia as ‘business’ partner to Valery Kargin, Viktor Krasovitsky, and Andris Skele.

Hopefully the US and EU will wake up and add Boiko (and Kargin, Krasovitsky, and Skele) to the sanctions lists.


pdf in case website taken down:  olegvboykowebsite


pdf in case website taken down:  boykomalta



New video: Latvia EBRD Fraud 2013, still getting larger!

The Latvia EBRD “put option” fraud, committed in 2009 for the purpose of covering up the truth about the collapse of Parex Bank, is still getting larger.  It was bad enough that the EBRD destroyed the Latvian economy to protect two KGB-linked Oligarchs.  But now the EBRD threatens to undermine the European economic recovery by helping Latvia to enter the euro currency with falsified financial statements.  EBRD and Parex employees have already informally confessed to the fraud.  When will the EBRD make a full public confession?  Please share to fight corruption!




KGB links Parex Bank with Russian Mafia nukes

A former KGB agent sent an email to Parex Bank whistleblower John Christmas.  While reading about connections with the “Russian mafia” and smuggling “nuclear component,” remember that Parex is fraudulently funded by the EBRD and has been “audited” for many years by Ernst & Young and PWC.  Latvian taxpayers should wonder why the highest spending priority of the Latvian government in all of Latvian history was bailing out the shell-company deposits at Parex.  The email below is being posted with the permission of the author.


Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 08:34:11 +0000
From: xxxxx
Subject: RE: Latvian State Police – referral by Luke Harding
To: xxxxx

Dear John,

Many thanks for your emails, which I found out to be very interesting. In relation to possible exposure of Parex: First of all, apart of yourself, I have completely different background (not financial one) and therefore, my knowledge about Parex an, particularly about its two “main gurus” – Kargin and Krasovitsky – is based on slightly different info. I was familiar with both these ‘geniuses’ since the time when Parex was not a largest bank in Latvia, but when it was a small currency exchange company. At that time, I came across to knowledge that they were heavily involved into money laundry (including ‘legalisation’ of so-called soviet communist party’s secret assets) ops conducted by both the Russian organised crime and Russian security services illegally operating in Baltic region. For instance, I am aware that Parex (Kargin and Krasovitsky) actively used for these ops certain ‘commercial’ firms which were in front of the Russian security services. In addition, I am aware about one illegal deal with participation of Parex (provided cash), when the specific amount of the nuclear component has been smuggled through the territory of Latvia to the West. Secondly, all my further intel I have received regarding Parex, due the nature of my ex-espionage work, was related to that similar “business”. For instance, I am aware they used for their illegal operations some offshore “bank” located in Republic of Nauru, as well as I am aware about one shadowy deal with issuing a fictitious bank guarantee (by Parex Bank) to the representatives of Russian mafia in the amount of 50mlns USD in 1997/98. Based on all the above, I am afraid my expertise about Parex is quiet specific and differ from your own intel. In the given circumstances, please, feel free meeting me so we can discuss the possible effective way whether and how can we work together in the future.

Kind regards,

Boris Karpichkov from London


Here is an article about Mr. Karpichkov:


Is Parex Bank the KGB?

A rumor has been going strong in Latvia for two decades:  Parex Bank is the successor to the KGB in Latvia.

Parex obviously controls the Latvian government since the unnecessary Parex bailout is the highest-priority spending item in Latvian history.

If Parex controls the Latvian government, and Parex is the KGB, then doesn’t that mean…

It is easy to get former Parex employees to discuss the bank’s KGB connections when talking in private over a beer.  But, it is difficult to get this information in writing.  Here is one rare example, from the former Parex representative to Estonia.

Yeltsin Package email

Latvia ejected a Russian spy?

When John Christmas was hired by Parex Bank, he was contacted by Dimitry Yermolaev, the Third Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Latvia, to have lunch.

Yermolaev informed Christmas that Parex was a criminal organization.

Christmas informed Yermolaev that the new Latvian government, run by Prime Minister Einars Repse, would crack down on corruption.  At the time, a large corruption issue in Latvia was the obviously criminal purchase of the “Baltic Kristina” ferry.  Parex was involved.  Repse said that the government would take action.

Yermolaev informed Christmas that Repse will never take action against Parex because Repse worked for the “Jewish KGB Mafia” (Yermolaev’s words).  Yermolaev said that in earlier years Repse worked in cooperation with former KGB agent Grigory Krupnikov to put Bank of Latvia (Latvian central bank) deposits into KGB banks.

The allegations were never investigated.  The story has been censored by the Latvian press.  Repse remains a leading Latvian politician.

The only action taken by the Latvian government was to eject Yermolaev from the country.  Christmas had already been ejected from the country by this time.

pdf snapshot from 20 March 2012:

Dmitry Jermolayev

link, if not yet censored by Latvian authorities:




Rebaltica.lv contains information about the Latvian money-laundering industry.  The website is a welcome source of true information coming from a country where most of the media is controlled by oligarchs and used to disseminate propaganda.

The money-laundering industry got started in Latvia immediately after “independence” when KGB agent Grigory Loutchansky and Russian prime minister Viktor Chernomyrdin used Latvian banks to skim billions of dollars from Gazprom.

Over the years, Latvian banks have faced limited sanctions from the United States and Russia.  However, these sanctions were not enough and the money-laundering industry continues to thrive in Latvia.

The biggest losers?  The Latvian people themselves since the Latvian government has been thoroughly corrupted and looted by the money-laundering banks.